Latest Trends in Education Technology

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 28 December 2020


Over the last few years, the education system has witnessed a dramatic change. The teaching methods today are way different from those decades ago. Technology has a major impact on the education system. It is an integral part of most of schools and universities today. The current trends in education technology are numerous. Let us have a look at a few of them.

8 Latest Trends in Education Technology

Following are the latest trends in education technology:

Collaborative Learning

Technology has enabled the students to connect, discuss and enact collaboratively. This increases their understanding, enhances leadership and accelerates engagement. Technology has made the interaction between peers easier thereby enhancing interpersonal skills.

Learning in a Non-Educational Environment

The students can now study anywhere using mobile phones and laptops. They need not travel to educational institutions. This is one of the most convenient methods of delivering and receiving education.

Learning through Social Media

The children today are tech savvys and almost every child owns a social media profile. But who knew the social media platform could be used as an education delivering platform. The educational institutes share academic content on social media and have also enabled interaction between the students and their faculties. The ebooks contain a social feature embedded in them through which the content and projects can be shared online. This increases the interests and engagement of the students.

Interactive Classrooms

Technology has made classrooms more interactive. The students who were shy in asking doubts earlier can now interact through the chatbots during the live classes. Virtual reality and augmented reality bring in a clear picture of what is being taught. It helps the students to visualize the concepts which make the learning process better. Teachers can also guide the students with their homework in their classes.


Every student is fond of games. When education is gamified, it makes learning more interesting and fun. This guarantees student participation, engagement, and success in studies. They get actively involved in increasing their scores and rankings. Gamification in education is one of the best trends of education technology.


Privacy of online content is one of the greatest concerns. The educational institutes and edtech businesses are therefore setting the best data security measures to protect online data.

Parent-Teacher Interactions

Most of the edtech applications carry a feature through which the parents can track their kids’ performance. The teachers can thus report the student’s progress to the parents. Thus the communication channels between the teachers and parents will improve.

Analyzing Student Performance

Education technology helps in the quick analysis of student performance. Where manual analysis takes time, technology-based analysis is faster. It helps the teachers to understand the strong and weak areas of the students. Technology provides instant feedback and areas of improvement to the students.

Thus we see how education technology has made learning easier and fun. It is no more the way it used to be during the traditional education system. It has enabled personalized learning and adaptive learning. The latest education trends have laid the foundation of a strong education system.


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