Augmented Reality in Education

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 14 December 2020

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Augmented Reality in Education

Traditional methods of education are increasingly being digitized. The EdTech industry is progressing at a very high rate annually. During COVID-19 when the whole world was badly hit, the EdTech sector remained unaffected. Among the latest trends in EdTech, augmented reality has taken the leading place.

Augmented reality is taking over virtual reality at a rapid speed. AR makes education fun and interesting. It helps the students easily grasp and retain the information.

The entire young generation owns smartphones. Therefore, combining augmented reality with smartphones is a great idea. However, it still needs to be researched on. Let us discuss the importance of augmented reality in education.

Importance of Augmented Reality in Education

The importance of augmented reality in education is as follows:

Easy to Explain Hypothetical Concepts

Augmented reality turns hypothetical objects into a 3D model that makes difficult concepts easier. Thus it translates theoretical material into real concepts.

Makes Learning Engaging and Interactive

3D models make education more engaging and interactive. When you can visualize what you study, it makes learning more fascinating. Augmented reality does the same.

Easy Accessibility

Augmented reality is portable and less expensive. It has made education easily accessible and mobile.

Improved Collaboration

The interactive lessons encourage teamwork skills. It has diversified boring classes and made education interesting.

Faster and Effective Learning Process

Visualization and complete immersion in the concept is the immediate result of augmented reality technology. The students can now see the theory and understand it better.

Safe Workplace Training

Augmented reality technology enables practicing in-heart surgery or operating a space shuttle virtually without risking the lives of others.

Examples of Augmented Reality in Education

The examples of augmented reality in educated are as follows:

In Classrooms

AR apps in the classrooms provide a visual representation of the concepts which helps the students understand them more clearly. The students can find AR apps for every subject, such as, chemistry, zoology, botany, which help the students visualize the structures and understand better.

AR apps for Kids

Kids nowadays are technology freaks. They can easily adapt to modern technologies like augmented reality. The augmented reality education apps are very popular among kids. These apps are fun and engaging and educate kids in an interactive way.

AR in Marketing and Advertising

AR technology has a huge potential for marketing and advertising in the field of education. Augmented reality-based college campus tours have helped enroll a large number of students in several academic institutes.

AR in Museums

The addition of Augmented Reality content to the museums and historical architectures enhances the interest of the visitors in the cultural heritage.

Thus we see how augmented reality in beneficial in various and would change the face of education completely in the years to come. It is one of the greatest innovations of artificial intelligence and has a huge potential yet to be discovered. With the recent innovations in technology, augmented reality is being broadly used and has become more accessible. Therefore, working in this direction can be a major breakthrough in the field of education technology.


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