How has Artificial Intelligence helped the Education Sector?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 27 August 2020

Artificial Intelligence

AI in Education: Technology has proved to be a boon to the education sector. The major advancements seen in the field of education lately, are all the results of technological upgradations. Artificial Intelligence is one of the several technologies used by the educational sectors to mark a place in the digital world.

AI in education sector has changed the entire face of traditional education and made it convenient and personalized. All the instructional material is accessible through the internet that has minimized the tradition of attending physical classes to a great extent.

AI in Education Sector

Let us have a look at how artificial intelligence has helped in the development of the educator sector:

AI in education Minimizing Administrative Work

Artificial intelligence technology has reduced the administrative tasks in educational institutions. The teachers need not waste anymore time in analyzing homeworks, grading the exams, and responding to their students. AI has automated all these administrative duties of the academic institutions. The admissions are also made faster and easier through artificial intelligence technology.

Student Engagement

AI in education sector has made the studies entertaining and attracts the students who otherwise feel left out in the class. It helps in visualizing what you study and this helps the students understand better. This widens the thinking and responding abilities of the students.

AI also helps in analyzing how engaged a student is. Thus, the teachers can assist a student in improving his skills and achievements.

Personalized Learning

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, teachers are able to provide personalized education to all the students. The class assignments and examinations have also been customized with the artificial intelligence technology. The students can receive instant feedbacks from the teachers.

Enables Global Learning

AI in EdTech has eliminated the global boundaries. The students can now access the instructional material and other content from anywhere in the world. It also instills IT skills in the students.

Chatbot Learning

This is one of the most advanced technologies in the education sector. The teachers can deliver lectures in the form of chat conversations during live online classes. They can interact with the students personally. The students can answer on their own and receive instant feedbacks from the teachers.

Artificial intelligence has proved to be a great help during COVID crisis. The students were able to study in the comfort of their own homes. It has helped the students to take online test series from home. Technology has brought schools and teachers at your doorsteps. AI has made education way convenient and fun to learn.


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