How can AI facilitate continued learning?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 01 April 2022

Artificial Intelligence

How can AI facilitate continued learning?

Using EdTech in association with the continued learning approach isn’t as strange as it may appear. A continued learning method (also known as socratic learning) is a means of stimulating critical thinking, challenging ideas, and promoting lifelong learning by asking and answering questions. Educators have employed the ‘continued learning’ technique to engage pupils in critical thinking and develop their ideas and viewpoints in the modern classroom. Let’s see how AI can facilitate continued learning:

  • The NLP (natural language processing) enables students to take control of their learning by allowing them to pose individual questions – either verbally or in writing – and receive concise and accurate responses from their digital teaching assistant.
  • AI can encourage collaborative learning by partnering students for peer-to-peer (P2P) learning and connecting them through their devices.
  • NLP solutions can swiftly pinpoint the correct information from a growing library of knowledge, ensuring that people learn successfully and aren’t bombarded with irrelevant information.
  • AI systems can initiate interactions with users proactively, resulting in improved knowledge and critical thinking skills – a fundamental aspect of “Continued” learning.
  • AI platforms can facilitate learning by connecting learners with a common goal  and regardless of their geographic location.
  • If a student struggles with a concept or topic, the AI powered learning management system (LMS) will aim to provide the knowledge in the format that best suits the student’s preferred learning style. 
  • AI will be on hand to test users’ knowledge and skills with questions that challenge their thinking and response speed and provide alternate responses as needed to reinforce new knowledge.

The modern learning management system facilitates most of the points discussed above with the help of Artificial Intelligence. If you too want to reap the benefits of Continued learning then contact us at


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