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We the best EdTech Company in India, believe in the transformational power of Technology in Education. With the advent of the digital revolution which has engulfed a major human population in the world, a clear Education world order is emerging. One that is vastly different from that we have grown up with.

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Technology partners for your EdTech organization.

Our team of highly experienced designers and developers create such latest technology driven edtech applications and products that bridge the technical gaps in any edtech business or educational institute.

Products & Services

Live Classes Platform

Anubudh provides you with live class application where you can share your lectures, courses, live classes and other instructional materials that will be made available to the students.

AI driven EdTech platforms

At Anubudh, we use artificial intelligence driven apps where the program can assess students’ knowledge and provide relevant coursework to place them back on track.

Online Testing Platform

Testing your skills through textbooks is pretty boring and consumes a lot of time. What if the tests are made interesting and you are awarded each time for a good score?

Learning Management System

Anubudh uses modern learning management systems for online learning delivery and management of all types of educational content, videos and documents.
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Unique Value Proposition

Next generation apps

Our team of highly experienced professionals provides you with the next-gen edtech applications and products that will help you be a brand name in the education industry.

Cost-Effective Products

We provide an affordable range of edtech products and services as per the requirement of our clients.

Time Saving Services

Our products and services are featured in such a way that will help you prevent unnecessary wastage of time of your consumers.

Easy Accessibility

Our next- gen edtech products and apps use such technologies that will make your content easily accessible throughout the world.

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All those aspiring to digitize their education assets or build next-gen apps and products for their edtech business can contact us, the top EdTech Company in India. Our experts will provide you with all the necessary information required to build your business.

Steps of our work

Formal Client Meeting

A formal meeting with the client to have an overview of his business requirements is a must.

Work Plan Analysis

After taking the plan into consideration, we analyze the necessities and put the project into play.

Product Creation

Our team of  highly trained professionals works on the designs, applications and products as per the requirements of the clients to deliver the best of our technological innovations.

Final Product Assessment

We, the best EdTech Company in India test our products before delivering it to the clients. We allay all the discrepancies, and provide our clients with the best products.

Delivery Of The Finished Product

The finished product is then out for delivery. The client’s feedback is necessary for our growth.

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Our values are good organization and result orientation.

Why choose our Edtech products?

We are experienced Technology professionals who have tremendous experience handling EdTech projects. Many big brands trust us, the best EdTech Company in India with bringing in a level of professionalism and top customer service!


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