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Anubudh Edtech aims at transforming education with the help of technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, online testing, live classes, and learning management systems.

Unlike other edtech platforms, Anubudh provides a building platform for the educational institutions and businesses by providing them with artificial intelligence based technologies and latest learning management systems, thereby enabling educational growth.

We have a team of highly experienced Full stack engineers, Android and web developers, UI designers, JS developers, SEO managers, that can help you with the latest technology products to digitize your educational institute and expand your business.

Our products offer creation, storage and delivery of educational content throughout the world, easy accessibility of instructional material, assessing student’s knowledge and helping in improvement, and cost and time reduction.

Anubudh provides latest online Testing technologies, Learning management systems, Artificial Intelligence based learning systems and live class applications.

Cloud technology is a cost effective system that allows people to use the resources stored in the virtual space and helps them to share the information and application across the internet irrespective of your location.

Cloud technology serves as the secured data storage and has enabled virtual classroom environment for the students. It has made the content easily accessible to all the students in every nook and corner of the world. It is a cost effective technology and requires minimum hardware requirements that can operate efficiently both on desktops and mobile phones.

Edtech companies aim at improving teaching and learning processes, thereby improving the education system, with the help of latest computer programs, applications and devices for the classroom.

When technology is integrated with education it improves student engagement, makes the content easily accessible, encourages individual learning, increases knowledge retention, and automates the administrative tasks.

Education Technology is the combined use of computer software, hardware, and educational theory to facilitate learning and create, use and manage technological processes and educational resources to improve the academic performance of the students.

Our latest learning management system helps in the easy creation, organizing and administration of a large amount of educational information online, thereby improving upon traditional methods of education. This technology is cost effective and saves a lot of time of the organizations.

Our online testing and assessment apps provide you with easy, medium and difficult level questions. It assesses the student’s ability to solve the questions and proceeds further accordingly. In case the student is not able to solve a particular question, it goes back to the easy level questions. It also provides instant results and feedbacks to the students.

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines wherein they are programmed to exhibit the traits associated with human mind such as problem-solving and learning.

Artificial intelligence in the education sector aims at identifying what a student does and does not know by developing online testing techniques and helps in developing skills of the students. It helps in digitizing the educational content and makes it available in every nook and corner of the world.

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