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What does our Online Testing Platform Provide?

Testing your skills through textbooks is pretty boring and consumes a lot of time.

What if the tests are made interesting and you are awarded each time for a good score?

At Anubudh, we provide you with the best online assessment platform where the students can test their skills within the given time limit and get rapid results and feedback. Our online test software provides a similar pattern of questions and the same time limit as on the exam day to provide them an environment of the examination centre. The tests are divided into different difficulty levels to assess the ability of the students. The rapid test results and feedback will help them analyze their shortcomings and improve on the same.

Anubodh- Monday Morning Online Test Conducting Software

Our online testing platform offers one of the finest assessment services primarily to professional organizations. The product facilitates not just easy hiring, but has also made the certifications and training programs within the organizations convenient. These online assessments can be taken from the comfort of your homes and can be accessed through mobile phones as well.

The assessment platform provides with the most effective proctoring system making remote online examination monitoring easier. Paving way to a technologically advanced online assessment system, our online candidate assessment test platform comes with one of the most updated versions of analysis and feedback.

Online Testing Software
Monday Morning - Online Assessment Platform


  • Assessment procedure relevancy from entry-level to senior management
  • Mobile responsive online examination software
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Pluggable online testing tool
  • Online testing software (Video and Image)
  • Multilingual online assessment software

Online Testing Software
Monday Morning - Online Testing Software


  • Assessment procedure relevancy from entry-level to senior management
  • Mobile responsive assessment platform 
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Pluggable online assessment tool
  • Online Proctoring Software (Video and Image)
  • Multi-lingual online test platform

Online Testing Software
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Screen & Test Candidates Remotely – Hire from a Global Talent Pool Using Digital Assessment Software!

The online testing platform at Anubudh facilitates easy candidate screening and hiring, remotely. Our products offer the best candidate assessment test software solutions. The automated evaluation feature calls for unbiased screening. For a flexible and hassle- free recruitment process, one can completely rely on our online assessment software.

Now hiring from a global talent pool is no more gruelling, with the help of our online assessment tools for recruitment.

Screen & Test Candidates and hire from global talent pool!

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Our clients


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Live Online Classes - Anubudh
online testing software

Why is this a Next-gen online testing platform ?

Through this online testing platform tool, we are trying to get assessments beyond the technical hiring. Also, the generation next prefers to take their online assessments from the comfort of their home through the best online testing platform. The pandemic induced WFH has become a habit now! Monday Morning examination software recognises this behavior and hence our online assessment tools for teachers are such which do not compromise on the sanctity of the test.

We also have gone beyond just multiple-choice questions in the online assessment. These online assessment platforms support myriad types of questions – fill in the blanks, case studies, crossword puzzles and the likes.

The ability to create tests in multiple languages will be useful to administer the test to candidates for a front-line position requiring proficiency in the local language


Frequenty asked questions (FAQ’s)

  • Online Proctoring
  • Multi-lingual
  • Instant feedback
  • Easy bulk recruitment
  • Easy certifications and training programs
  • Flexible

Online assesment software is the ability to monitor the exams from anywhere in the world only through webcams, microphones, and an internet

The online assessment tool monitors the eye, hands, and mouth movements and flags the person with suspicious behavior. Online test platform also records the audio and video which can be verified by the invigilating team post examination.

Online exams can be taken from the comfort of your homes. Through online testing tool, the exams are easily manageable since a particular team handles the entire process even providing a webcam and a secure internet connection.

Yes, the entire screen is recorded throughout an online exam.

Multi-lingual feature generally helps in case of hiring for a position that
requires proficiency in the local language.



"We were looking for an online testing platform for our organization and happened to come across Anubudh. Their online assessment software made it easier for us to recruit in bulk in no time. The instant result and feedback feature allayed the nuisance associated with the analysis. I am really satisfied with their lineup of products and services, and would highly recommend this."

Mr. Dhruv Dubey

GM HR at Spencer's retail

"We are really overwhelmed with the services provided by Anubudh. We were looking for an online testing platform which can create not just MCQ's, but also fill ups and reasoning based questions for our recruitment tests. The developers here paid heed to our requirements and provided us with the best online assessment platform."

Mr. Sumit Goyal

Founder & CEO

"Anubudh - Monday Morning helped us conduct online Testing events for multiple students at once for our fresher's recruitment program. The candidates were able to take the test from the comfort of their homes since we are working from home due to the pandemic slowdown. Moreover the candidate proctoring software gave us vital insights in case of any foul play during the test, thereby maintaining the sanctity of the online assessment. We got great support from the team at Anubudh."

Suresh Chhajed

Co-Founder & Director

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