How does an Online Examination Software work?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 12 October 2021


With recent technological advancements, the education system has evolved a lot. Learning management systems and smart classrooms have made interactive learning and administrative processes easier. It has also made learning efficient and time saving. 

Technology has switched the traditional examination process to online assessment mode. Let us have a detailed look at online testing technology, and how does an online examination software works.

What is an Online Examination?

Online examination is the modern way of conducting exams using the internet. It is one of the easiest and flexible ways of assessments, wherein, one can appear for an examination from anywhere. This has been made possible by online assessment software through which tests are created, conducted, and evaluated. However, it is very important to have effective software to organize an online test.

Features of Online Examination Software

An effective online testing software should have the following features.

Automated Planning and Scheduling

The online examination software should be able to collect correct information of the candidate, generate admit cards, mark attendance, and allot the examination schedule according to the subjects, 

Create Examination Pattern

It should be able to create subject-wise examination papers, process the different types of questions, segregates the marking scheme, and categorize them according to the criteria set by different institutions.

LMS Integration

Integration of the learning management system helps in incorporating educational content into the assessments. The admins can customize the software appropriately, and the students can attain knowledge.

Proctored Online Assessment

A perfect online assessment software should have a proctoring system to effectively invigilate individual candidates remotely. It should be able to notify the proctoring team in case of any misconduct.

Automated Evaluation

Automated evaluation helps in unbiased result calculation. An online examination software should be highly secured with effective evaluator handling processes.  

It should be able to generate automated transcripts which contain the student information, course details, and marks obtained during the academic tenure. 

Advantages of Online Examination 

Online Examination has the following advantages:

  1. It is time saving and cost-effective.
  2. Multiple candidates can complete the test at the same time.
  3. The candidates can appear for the examination from anywhere.
  4. Online test evaluation is easier and accurate.
  5. One can see the result and feedback instantly.

Online examination has its own disadvantages as well. For instance, one should have a computer system and an internet connection to appear for an online test. However, the advantages outweigh the cons so far,

Online testing software is the future of the Indian education system. It has proved really beneficial during the COVID slowdown when all the learning and exams were conducted online. It ensures hassle-free examination and administrative processes. In order to organize an unrestrictive assessment environment, one needs to opt for an effective online examination software. The above-mentioned points might help you select the proper software for conducting the examinations.


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