Online examination platform – All You Need To Know

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 21 June 2022


Online examination platform – All You Need To Know

The education system throughout the globe has seen profound changes in the overall structure. It includes the curriculum, teaching methodologies, experiential learning, and the most recently observed change in the field of infrastructure. With it, the traditional mode of examination requiring the physical presence of candidates at the centres has changed. The pandemic impacted the world that saw a significant focus on drifting to an online exam platform.

What is an Online Exam Platform?


Online Exam Platform is the system for conducting examinations or assessments with the help of computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices by making use of stable internet connection.

In this system, the physical presence of candidates and invigilators is not required on a particular site. The mere presence of IT devices is enough for students or candidates to appear for an examination from any part of the world. 


Why Is Online Exam Platform Becoming Popular?


COVID 19 crisis pushed sectors like education and businesses to adopt online testing methods systems. The organisations felt this need much more than ever. The schools had to shut down to contain the spread of the deadly virus, and the businesses shifted to an online mode of work. Their physical method of interaction at any point was cut.


The education system was affected heavily, as students could not complete their syllabus on time. It led to delays in examinations or assessments, ultimately delaying the overall structuring of the curriculum. The businesses also suffered as there was a need to expand more on the human capital base. However, the hiring process was affected, and companies faced the brunt of not keeping up with technological updates and shifting to an online mode.


It has led to the tremendous popularity of Online exam platform systems worldwide. Anubudh’s Online Testing Platform provides for the successful conduct of examination scenarios for various educational institutes and businesses. 


Difference Between Online And Offline Modes of Examination-


In the traditional examination/ offline examination method, candidates must be present at a designated place and time. It is a pen-paper examination where students can provide answers to questions on sheets of paper or OMR sheets. The test was conducted with all of them present together, increasing overall interaction. Even after physical invigilation, there could be cases of students enquiring for answers from each other or some other mode of cheating.


The online mode of examination removed the overall communication channel between candidates, and Online proctoring like the one provided by Anubudh increased monitoring through the web cameras and internet connectivity. The multi-lingual online exam platform also helped candidates from various regions to take up a common set of exams. One can take exams from the comforts of their homes without actually coming in contact with anyone else or travelling long distances.


Who Can Use Online Test Platforms?

 It can be used by:

– Educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities

– Organisations providing certifications via exam

– Companies looking to make reliable and unbiased recruitments

– Testing agencies responsible for conducting examinations


How Are The Exams Monitored?

The online exam platform is responsible for checking any unwarranted activities through regular monitoring via webcams on the devices. It checks for any movement of eyes, hands, or mouth movements. In case it detects anomalies, it reports the same. The online proctoring system is also responsible for recording audio and video related to the student taking an exam, which can be checked by examination centres later. 


The online test platform by Anubudh supports varieties of assessments like multiple choice questions, puzzles, and fill-in-the-blanks as per the need of the organisation. Check our Monday Morning examination software for its one-of-kind features and offerings. 



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