How can start-ups avoid hiring mishaps with Online testing software?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 21 June 2022


How can start-ups avoid hiring mishaps with Online testing software?

Let’s assume that you are a start-up and looking for perfect hires in the newly found team. With work from home still a preferred choice amongst the candidates, do you think calling them for an interview at the office is the right option for your start-up? This is where online testing platforms play a pivotal role in helping start-ups hire suitable people for the job role.


Online testing software is a tool used by companies nowadays to streamline the process of recruitment through online mode rather than asking for physical availability.


Mistakes That Start-ups Generally Make While Hiring: 


  1. Wrong Identification of the Candidates– Many companies cannot differentiate between candidates based on their interests in a job role and the skills required for it. The demarcation of the roles and responsibilities must be adequately communicated to the candidate before entering the screening process.
  2. Inefficiency in Screening– At times, the screening process may go wrong. Let’s say you want to hire a developer for a critical position, and your screening test includes nothing related to coding but questions about English comprehension, analytics, and others. Here, you will not be able to find the right match for the job. A person who might pass this test, can still be inefficient in coding.
  3. Not Understanding the Limitations– Big companies spend a fortune in recruitment processes to find suitable candidates. This is a limitation with start-ups. One cannot employ multiple rounds of a similar kind of screening, as the time and resources are limited. Instead, they go with the best shots, ensuring they hire the ideal candidate.
  4. Unaware of Scamsters and Imposters– The testing method used by companies might not be efficient enough. Say you don’t require a candidate to switch on the web camera during the test, and they choose some expert in the field to appear in the test for them. You are failing as an agency here, as you have been duped, and you are unaware.

These common mistakes can be rectified if you employ an efficient testing tool for hiring. Anubudh’s online testing platform comes as a solution to all the above problems.

With our Monday Morning- Examination software, start-ups can avoid the mistakes mentioned above-

  1. Assessment relevancy– A good testing software ensures assessment is relevant at all levels- right from senior management recruits to ones for entry-level associates.
  2. Screening- It is necessary to screen candidates’ information and club them in one place for easy access by the companies and avoiding any duplication.
  3. Easy bulk-hiring and testing– Start-ups can employ bulk-hiring if they have an opening in huge numbers. Online testing platforms conduct the entire process smoothly. 
  4. Online proctoring- It allows reporting any unwarranted or suspected activities to the test administrator. It also checks the movement of the face, mouth, or eyes of the candidate during the test.


  1. Mobility – Providing mobility to candidates to appear in the test from the comforts of their home, without mandating their physical presence at the office is one of the important features that can be utilised with a good testing platform.

As the world makes a paradigm shift toward online testing platforms in the wake of pandemic-induced disruptions, the start-ups must recognise if they are repeating the same mistake repeatedly and opt for the solution as soon as possible.

If you are looking to employ an online testing platform for your company, do not forget to check our solutions by clicking on the link-


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