Major Technological Innovations in Education Sector

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 27 August 2020


Technological innovations has made its way in every sector of the economy. Even the education sector is not untouched and has witnessed drastic transformations. Technology has made education a fun experience and a promising field to explore. It has given a completely new look to the classrooms and changed the way lessons are conducted. Technological innovation in the education sector are far more than we already know. Read on to explore.

Technological Innovation in Education Sector

Various technological innovations have marked the advancement of the education sector. Let us have a look at few of these innovations that will make every student fall in love with learning.

Trending Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the major innovations in the education sector that use artificial intelligence technologies. This helps the students visualize things in a 3D form. This helps the students experience and interact with a whole 3D world, which makes the students enjoy what they learn and grasp things in a better way.

Major Technological Innovations in Education Sector - AR and VR

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has helped the schools in automating various tasks such as providing instant feedbacks to the students, grading system, enhancing personalized learning, etc.

Machine learning is used by various educational institutions to cater the struggling students and help them to improve.

Cloud Based Technology

Cloud based technology has made the educational resources accessible from anywhere in the world. It also helps in hosting learning management systems. Various edtech companies are using latest cloud based technologies to provide comprehensive solutions to the academic stakeholders and educational institutions.

Block Based Coding System

Coding helps the students to understand complex languages such as JAVA and python. It guides the students to create animated stories, virtual construction kits, interactive artwork, interactive greeting cards and various other projects. This simply enhances the creative abilities of the students.

Major Technological Innovations in Education Sector


Introduction of robotics in the academics is highly in demand these days. Robots can be designed and automated to help the students calibrate the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts along with modern skills viz, creativity and critical thinking.

3D Printing

Students have been loving the concept of 3D printers where the content is  now taught via 3D models. It makes the concepts real. This has enhanced the thinking and understanding abilities of the students and has taken learning to a whole new level.

Major Technological Innovations in Education Sector - Robotics


Gamification is the idea of moulding games around educational material. It makes learning fun, engaging and challenging for the students, no matter what age they are. Children had been playing games on various gadgets all their lives. If the same games are used to teach the students, they will develop interest in studies and understand things better.

Technological innovations have brought a complete transition in the education system. It has helped in providing a quality learning experience globally. People have access to technology in every nook and corner, and this has enhanced technological innovations in the education sector. This will surely upgrade the quality of education in the future world.


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