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Anubudh’s Learning Management System

Anubudh’s Learning Management Systems are assisted by the best LMS software that allows every education need to be met digitally. All classes are transformed into smart classrooms that enable students to access engaging content, such as quizzes, competitions, and video slides to make learning more enjoyable. Additionally, our learning management software allows teachers to create and collect assignments, see what students have completed, and give real-time feedback. It is designed to be the most time-saving and cost-effective technology used in digitizing the education sector.

Benefits of Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) works best for creating, delivering, tracking, and reporting educational courses and outcomes. These activities are all done behind a virtual wall that ensures authentication, security, and privacy. Besides supporting traditional face-to-face instruction, it can also be used in blended/hybrid and distance learning environments. Anubudh’s latest next-generation LMS software is designed to help educators, institutes, and organizations to: 


  • Store all the educational materials in one place
  • Unlimited access to the information uploaded and published onto the LMS.
  • Track the performance of the students.
  • Reduce the cost of instructors, training site rentals, and printed educational materials.
  • Update course material by logging into our academy learning management system; there is no need to redo the entire e-learning course.

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Live Online Classes - Anubudh

Learning Management System: one-stop educational solution

An online learning management system is primarily used to maintain the integrity of educational programs. This is facilitated by enabling educators to develop courses efficiently, deliver instruction, facilitate communication, foster collaboration among students, assess student success, and provide other learning resources. Administrators can access class performance reports and overall school performance. Based on this data, remedial support can be implemented for students needing assistance, and overall class improvements can be achieved.

A good e-learning management system empowers educational institutes with:

  • Centralized Learning

Allows institutes to save all the e-learning content in one single place. This reduces the risk of losing important data and increases the efficiency of the system.

  • Simplify Learning

Easy to use and doesn’t require much expert intervention. This makes the learning management platform (h2) an excellent tool for educators and students alike.

  • Customization Options

LMS  customization options let instructors enjoy the liberty to tailor the e-learning content for the courses. Course customization is unlimited, and it can be done from anywhere and at any time.

  • Tracking & Reporting

LMS software allows instructors to keep track of a learner’s progress in terms of course completion, identification of knowledge gaps, and more. Reporting is another exciting feature of LMS that educational institutes can leverage.

  • Evaluation System

Evaluate students through the LMS platform before, during, and at the end of a course, without interfering with the overall learning process. Additionally, integrate learning and evaluation on the same online platform and allow students to assess their own performance.

  • Easy Upgrades

Learning Management Systems make it simple to update existing content. The updated content gets automatically distributed to the learners, so there is no need to make changes for each learner separately.

Anubudh’s Learning Management System Features

Our learning management system is state-of-the-art software designed to create a holistic digital learning experience and can be easily accessed anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to its high scalability, this platform can improve student retention and success and help educators better e-manage all the features of traditional learning. Adopt our learning management software to avail features like:

  • Branding

Launch or migrate to online teaching brands through websites, Android, and iOS apps with our fully customizable white-label LMS.

  • Personalize Online Training

Students can access a wide range of learning resources with the help of our LMS. Thus, everyone will receive the online training they need based on their learning goals.

  • Game-based-Learning

Our LMS learning management system can transform your content into game-based online content that encourages students to participate actively in your online training course. The application combines an attractive, efficient, and fun learning experience.

  • Student Learning and Performance

Each LMS platform includes notification names and statistics which let you track many aspects of your education online. Everything from student participation to online quizzes results on the LMS can be tracked.

  • Assessment Tools

An integrated learning assessment tool allows you to check learners periodically for gaps and intervene as necessary. We support a variety of eLearning test methods.

  • Security and Storage

Collect and store data and curriculum content in one place. With our high-performance LMS, you don’t need to worry about content getting into the wrong hands.

  • Intuitive interface

Our LMS provides access to an intuitive user interface that matches your eLearning team’s set of skills and capabilities.

  • Multilingual support

Multilingual content is supported by this e learning management system, which is essential for organizations that offer online training. Students of different languages have equal access to learning resources.

  • Mobile Application

Mobile devices enable access to Learning Programs anywhere, anytime. Our LMS lets educators conduct live classes or recorded sessions from the application.

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Our LMS takes care of all stakeholders


  • Login for Learners
  • Join a live class or access recorded class
  • Communicate with peers and teachers
  • Learn from multimedia contents


  • Take Attendance using our LMS attendance management system
  • Schedule live class
  • Plan lesson plan using multimedia content
  • Check assignments and share progress reports with parents


  • Check kid’s class schedule & assignment 
  • Communicate with teacher
  • Pay school fees
  • Stay up-to-date with child’s progress


  • Collect school fees safely
  • Monitor login activities of students and teachers
  • Store students and teachers’ records securely
  • Plan parent-teacher meetings


  • Anubudh LMS is the best learning management system that I have come across. It provides a complete solution to create and manage all learning activities.- Principal
  • The best part of  Anubudh’s LMS software is that it’s so easy to implement and their team ensured a smooth integration with our institute system. – Coaching Institute 
  • Our students love its interactive platform. It makes our job as educators easier to engage students and improve their learning outcomes.- Teacher

Frequenty asked questions (FAQ’s)

A learning management system (LMS) is software that facilitates the creation and management of all learning activities for online and blended learning, whether it’s for creating online courses, assessing students, making collaboration easier, or tracking student performance.

Educational institutions and organizations can use our learning management systems for schools to manage their e-classroom and also for companies to upskill their employees through online courses and training.

Yes, our LMS is the best online learning management system that can be accessed through mobile devices powered by Android or iOS.

Absolutely! Not just Hindi, but our LMS supports multiple languages other than English.

This is totally possible. You could use the in-built communication and testing modules or integrate other platforms.

Students can learn through Live classes or through recorded lessons for their courses. Plus, they can appear for tests and assessments on the LMS platform itself.

Companies can use learning management solutions for upskilling their current employees or even use the same for recruitment purposes.



"We were looking for an online testing platform for our organization and happened to come across Anubudh. Their online assessment software made it easier for us to recruit in bulk in no time. The instant result and feedback feature allayed the nuisance associated with the analysis. I am really satisfied with their lineup of products and services, and would highly recommend this."

Mr. Dhruv Dubey

GM HR at Spencer's retail

"We are really overwhelmed with the services provided by Anubudh. We were looking for an online testing platform which can create not just MCQ's, but also fill ups and reasoning based questions for our recruitment tests. The developers here paid heed to our requirements and provided us with the best online assessment platform."

Mr. Sumit Goyal

Founder & CEO

"Anubudh - Monday Morning helped us conduct online Testing events for multiple students at once for our fresher's recruitment program. The candidates were able to take the test from the comfort of their homes since we are working from home due to the pandemic slowdown. Moreover the candidate proctoring software gave us vital insights in case of any foul play during the test, thereby maintaining the sanctity of the online assessment. We got great support from the team at Anubudh."

Suresh Chhajed

Co-Founder & Director

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