How to Successfully Set Up Blended Classrooms?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 27 January 2021

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A Blended classroom is best described as learning that involves digital content along with face-to-face teaching. It is the integration of online learning with traditional learning. This technique is not new, it is only getting better with time. It makes things interesting and engaging. Hands on instructions, graphical representations, practical examples, online quizzes, etc. are a few approaches to blended learning.

Let us have a look at a few tips that will enable successfully setting up blended classrooms.

Tips to Set Up Blended Classroom Successfully

Below-mentioned are a few tips that will help you establish blended classrooms:

Curriculum Description

Once the teachers are aware of the curriculum you can identify the digital resources that can be used for educating the students.

Redefine your Role in the Classroom

The teachers who employ blended learning should have three responsibilities, namely, research and development, integration and guidance. These can be shared amongst a team or owned by a particular teacher.

Choose a Blended Learning Model

Once you have a clear picture of what you want to teach the students, you can choose a blended learning model. A few teachers use more than one model to make their classrooms more engaging.

Explore Various Teaching Methods

The teachers can use different teaching methods and keep changing them periodically. For eg., they can use the team teaching methods or individual teaching methods.

Use Right Technology

Every student learns uniquely and therefore requires different methods. The tools should be chosen according to the needs of the students. A single endgame or digital resource will not work for all.

Tool Should be Relevant and Fun

The tools used should be relevant and fun. It should be able to achieve outcomes. Students will only use the tool that is effective and fun.

Create a Blended Classroom Learning Environment

The layout and surroundings affect the students’ ability to learn. It empowers them, develops community and increases motivation.

Create Individual and Collective Learning Goals

The students learn at their own pace. Maybe one student learns at a completely different pace than the other. Therefore, individual learning or personalized learning should be incorporated in the blended learning model to see successful outcomes.

Blended learning has gained very little popularity in India. With the advancement in digital learning and boosting the education sector, the Ministry of Education has mandated blended classrooms and the modern method of learning and teaching. This will create more opportunities in bringing equality in learning. With several positive outcomes, blended learning has become the new trend in the education system.


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