Empowering Educators for NEP 2020 Execution

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 16 November 2020

NEP 2020

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is designed to bring a transition to the traditional education system. The new education system requires proper training for educators. This is because the Indian education system faces a lot of challenges. Let us have a look at the challenges that the education system in India faces.

  • The Indian teachers have only basic skills of teaching. The education system at present demands high-quality educators who help in building strong individuals.
  • There are several government schools where a single teacher teaches all the subjects. Subject expertise is an issue here. Subject matter experts are required to enhance particular skills among the students.
  • Teachers have to handle several administrative tasks manually along with teaching.
  • A sudden shift from the traditional system of education during COVID-19 is the biggest challenge among educators.

To overcome these challenges, the empowerment of the educators became the need of the hour. National Education Policy 2020 states, “Experiential learning shall be adopted, including hands-on education, arts, and sports integrated education, storytelling based pedagogy, and explore relations among different subjects.”

Technology has taken over the entire education system, but the teachers are not so well-trained. Training them in these technologies is extremely important nowadays.

Impact of Empowering the Educators

Empowering the educators has given rise to the following:

Impact on ECCE

The empowerment of educators has a strong impact on early childhood education. It helps in powerful skill development in the students, building a strong foundation for the entire life and preparing them to succeed in life.

Developing Modern Methodologies of Teaching

NEP 2020 involves new technology that engages the learners and results in improved academic performance.

Improvement in Subject Matter Knowledge

A strong grip on the subject enables the educators to explain better. This results in improved performance of the students.

A trained teacher enhances the talent of the students and moulds the entire future of the students from the very beginning. This will help the students to survive in the future world.


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