Gamification in Education

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 27 November 2020


Gamification in education is an approach to increase learner’s interest and engagement. Children are extremely fond of games. Gamifying education makes it more interesting and helps the students understand things in a fun way. Games are a crucial part of a kids’ life. They help in their physical and mental development. Gamifying education enhances the creative thinking of the students and broadens their imagination.

It is a modern strategy of learning. It has enhanced the e-learning process. Researches have shown that gamification displays positive results in virtual classrooms. It has increased the success rate of the students in schools and colleges. Let us have a look at the benefits of gamification in education.

Benefits of Gamification in Education

The benefits of gamification in education are as follows :

It Makes education fun and interactive

Gamification works on the psychology that enhances human engagement. It makes the educational content exciting and entertaining. Roleplay is one of the common gaming activities that make learning fun and interactive.

Makes Learning Addictive

Our brain releases dopamine when we score good. This makes learning addictive. This is known as the natural high and this high helps in knowledge retention.

Gamification in Education Offers Real-time Feedback

Gamification provides real-time feedback and helps the students to improve where they need to do better.

It Enhances Learning Experience

The students can have a completely new experience of learning with gamification. It makes learning fun and more engaging. When the students enjoy the experience, they retain more.

Gamification is one of the recent inventions in education technology and is a form of adaptive learning strategies. It is supposed to take online learning to new heights and is all set to revolutionize education. The addicting and fun aspects of games are combined with learning to make education interesting for the students.


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