Online Testing Apps

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 26 October 2020

Online Testing

Online testing apps or assessment apps are the greatest innovations of the education sector. These are a crucial part of remote learning. It makes it easy for the teachers to assess their students without any manual assistance. There are a large number of online assessment tools available that can help us with the same.

Types of Online Testing Tools

Below mentioned are the two major types of online assessment tools:

Formative Assessment Tools

These tools are the assignments, quizzes, and in-class questions teachers use to form their students’ learning processes. Teachers also use the answers provided in these assessment tools to structure their lesson plans.

Summative Assessment Tools

These are the complete tests given at the end of a project that is used by the teachers to evaluate student learning These include mid-term exams, AP tests, term papers.

The online testing apps are way more advanced, cost-effective, and save a lot of time and money. Most of the national entrance tests organized by NTA (National Testing Agency) are conducted using online testing technology.

Benefits of Online Testing Apps

Paperless Technique

Online Testing App is a paperless technique where the students appear for the examination digitally.

Reduced Administration Burden

When the examination is conducted online, there is no administration burden of organizing the exam. Everything is digital and automated. The exams conducted offline consumed a lot of time and money.

Online Testing Apps Gives Quick Evaluation

The results are available immediately after the exam is completed. It is easy and quicker to mark online a large number of students as compared to offline examinations.

Collaborative Questioning

Online working makes it easier for the examining body to organize all the tasks involved in conducting exams. For instance, the questions can be prepared in collaboration with experts from different institutes.

Online Testing Apps are Secured

Online tests are way more secured and carry very limited chances of paper leaks. Also the details of the candidate, marks and results are digitally stored and is only available to the people with the access.


With the online testing apps, it is easier to conduct the exams anywhere and anytime. You can appear for the exam from the comfort of your rooms and the invigilation process is also processed digitally.

Online testing apps are the modern way of conducting exams and are easy to use. Researches are going on to enhance the online testing technology and shall be used throughout the country in a couple of years. It is one of the remarkable innovations in the education sector and shall continue to be.


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