How can LMS be a great aid for eLearning Retention?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 01 April 2022

Learning Management System

How can LMS be a great aid for eLearning Retention?

In recent years, eLearning has proved to be a brilliant way to impart knowledge to students at any age, from early education to upskilling employees. Research shows that eLearning can result in a 60% increase in retention rates compared to typical classroom training retention rates of 8-10%. 

But for that to happen, your eLearning programme should include tools with learner-centric features. A learning management system (LMS) must have the following features to ensure knowledge retention in an eLearning setup:

  • Supports multi-media sharing: Students learn better when lessons or modules are delivered in various formats. Along with text content, the LMS must support other forms of content sharing like videos, pictures, etc., which appeals to all types of learners.
  • Bite-size content: Using this type of content, learning is conveyed through short videos in an easy-to-understand format that is easy to consume. This is especially beneficial for adult learners who are part of the upskilling program. LMS that facilitates bite-size video content enables learners to focus on the particular subject matter and thus boost retention. 
  • Enforce Repetition:  A good LMS enables learners to repeat new information or tasks for long-term retention. Quizzes and assignments shared through LMS help learners retain information. Gamification of digital content can also help learners retain knowledge since it is both challenging and enjoyable. 

A good learning management system( LMS) can determine the quality of your eLearning programme.  Let Anubudh help to implement an effective LMS system for all your training and hiring needs. Reach us at


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