How are online exams monitored and supervised?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 21 June 2022


How are online exams monitored and supervised?

As we witness the change in the education methodology worldwide, we see a significant shift in the way exams are conducted these days. Online reading devices replace textbooks, and a learning management system replaces the physical school system. 


Online examination is gaining momentum like never before. Be it for schools, colleges, universities, or businesses; online exam management systems are the need of the hour.


If you are an organisation looking to change your examination process and want to learn more about how the online exam management system works, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we talk more about how online examinations are monitored and supervised.


What is Online Exam Management System?

Online test management is a platform where exams can be conducted online, e.g., on computers or mobile devices instead of pen and paper, and A.I. or humans can proctor the entire process to maintain the dignity of the exams. The new generational model challenges the traditional exam pattern. Candidates are given questions via an online platform, and monitoring is done through live proctoring.


Students these days are pretty tech-savvy and proficient with technological devices. As a result, they can keep discovering different means to cheat, even in online exams.

Live Proctoring is the invigilation of the candidates in real-time by a designated person via webcam or by AI-powered tools that check activities on the other side of the monitor and report the same to the examination administrator. The proctoring system leverages technology and keeps monitoring any imposter who might take that exam or activity from the side of students that could be suspected of cheating.


How does Anubudh’s Online Examination Software conduct Online Exams?

You can choose our online exam software to conduct the exams for your organisation efficiently. A candidate may take the exams from any location, and an updated version of the feedback and analysis is provided to every candidate.

One of the competitive edges you will love having with us. Our software goes way beyond the regular Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ). You can opt for a wide array of question buckets- case studies, puzzles, fill in the blanks, and other methods of assessing as the case be.


How Is Online Examination Monitored?

The candidates taking exams on their computer or mobile devices are remotely invigilated through the proctoring system. Movements of the face, eyes, and mouths are monitored regularly, and in case of any unwarranted and suspected activities, the proctoring team is notified.

The online exam management system provides monitoring in the following ways-

  • Live online proctoring where monitoring is done in real-time through audio and video feed
  • Advanced auto proctoring monitors candidates and detects any suspicious activities which are reported later.
  • Recorded proctoring involves using a web camera to record the candidate’s video during the exam.

For organisations like schools and colleges, the automated evaluation produced immediately after the examination gets integrated with their online learning management tools. It acts as a repository of their evaluation results. Besides, the online exam management software is well built to handle multiple numbers of candidates appearing for the examination simultaneously. The software also checks if candidates have opened any other websites during the exam.


Post pandemic world is fast moving towards adopting online environments for their organisational activities to prevent delays and business losses. 

An online exam management system by Anubudh provides an effortless, time-saving, secure, unbiased, and standardised method of screening candidates and conducting examinations. 

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