Virtual Reality in Education

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 09 October 2020

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Virtual reality is a completely new concept in education technology that will take learning to the next level. Since the very beginning, people had been looking for easy, quick, and effective ways of transferring knowledge. Digitization has enabled better learning.

Virtual reality enables 3D study among the students that helps them to grasp things better and makes education fun and exciting. It can take you to places without leaving the classroom. It has completely transformed the way educational content is delivered to the students. It has enabled personalized learning and made education more effective.

Importance of Virtual Reality in Education

The importance of virtual reality in education is as follows:

Better Exploration Opportunities

With VR technology, the students can now visualize what they learn. This engages the students and enhances their creativity and imagination. Education is not simply restricted to book illustrations now. The students can travel in time and space without any expenses.

Learn Practically

In modern education, students hardly get any opportunity to experience a practical approach to learning. However, with virtual reality technology, the students can go hands-on in the virtual labs without any danger of things going wrong.

Virtual Reality in Education Enhance Creativity

It enhances the creativity of the students with the help of tools such as tilt brush. It not only facilitates content consumption but is also useful for content creation.

Group Learning

Virtual reality facilitates group learning among students by using mapped facial expressions and avatar. The students tend to learn from each other through debates and discussions.

Distance Learning

It helps the students to study through digital representations and thus enables learning anywhere. It has completely bridged the gap between the teachers and students.

Properties of a Good Virtual Reality App

  1. A good VR app should be immersive. The students should be able to experience the live online classes.
  2. One does not require any specific skills to use a VR app.
  3. It allows the students to explore and keeps a check on the difficulty levels.
  4. A good VR helps in delivering lessons in the form of stories which helps in the better understanding of the concepts and inspires the actions of the students.

Virtual Reality is an innovative technology that has taken the education industry to a completely new level. It is supposed to be benefitting a large number of students in a productive manner. It also broadens the exposure of the students to careers. It is a boon to digital education and shall continue to be.



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