How do you Incorporate Educational Technology in your Classroom?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 24 February 2021


Educational technology is a boon to the students in today’s scenario. It has not only made learning easier and fun, but has also made administrative tasks handy for the teachers. Technology, if incorporated wisely in the classroom, can generate fruitful results. It boosts the confidence of the students and encourages student-teacher interaction.

There are limitless ways to use technology in the classroom to create an enriching environment for the students. Let us have a look at some of them.

Ways to Incorporate Educational Technology in the Classroom

One can imply the following methods to incorporate education technology effectively in one’s classroom:

Gamification in Education

One of the most effective ways of incorporating educational technology in the classroom is gamification in education. Children are mostly attracted to games. If you try gamifying learning, it can prove beneficial. It makes learning fun and engaging, and also widens the horizon of the students. The test series can also be gamified to inculcate the interest of the students during the exams.

Using Social Media in Educational Technology

Almost every student is into social media these days. So why not use it for educational purposes. It can help in connecting the students to curriculum, educational resources, and each other. The teachers can create a Facebook group wherein they can discuss topics and post useful information. Whatsapp groups can serve the same purpose.

Digital Content

The students can be asked to create digital content related to the topics they are studying. They can express themselves through videos, presentations, blogs, ebooks or any other means they are comfortable with. This encourages adaptive learning and helps the students flourish.

Student Feedback

Student feedback is vital in assessing the classroom structure and curriculum. It helps in focussing on problems and confusions that arise in the classroom. Online surveys and polls can help in collecting the feedback from the students.

Classroom Calender

A classroom calendar can help the teachers remind the students about the important tasks, assignment due dates and tests. The calendar can also be shared with the parents so that they are aware of their child’s progress.

Using technology gives a voice to the students. They are made responsible for their lessons by giving feedbacks, getting indulged in learning activities and projects. All this teaches the students to use technology effectively, safely and creatively. Multimedia lessons and video presentations are fun way of engaging students in the lessons. Digital literacy helps the students to analyze reliable sources on the internet. Virtual exploration of parks, forests, museums and different countries is yet another advantage of using technology in the classroom.

Technology is believed to change the face of traditional education which is possible only by incorporating it correctly in the modern education system.


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