How can you Live Stream your Classroom in 5 Simple Steps?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 05 November 2020

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Live Stream or Online learning has been the trend these days. It provides flexibility to both the learners and the educators. It has enabled personalized learning that helps the students to study at their own pace. Live streaming a class had been pretty challenging for the educators during the COVID-19 when online education became the need of the hour. Here are a few points that can help the teachers while streaming their class live.

Steps to Live Stream your Class

The following steps will help the educators in eliminating any roadblocks during their online classes:

Proper Equipments

A camera and a microphone is the foremost requirement before beginning with a live online class. It helps the educators to match the quality of a real-world classroom. An encoder, a tripod, and proper lighting are other requirements for live streaming. An encoder helps in creating compressed versions of the recorded video so that they are streamed without buffering.

An Online Education Platform

A right streaming provider with a content delivery network (CDN) enables content distribution across the globe without any server clogging. A highly affordable edtech platform with the most promising features can serve the purpose. It should maintain the rights of your content. Moreover, the platform should have a privacy feature for your live streaming.

Secured Internet Connection

A good internet connection is very essential for live streaming. It helps in broadcasting your content without any issues. Any technical interruptions during the live stream distract the entire class. For high-quality streaming, the internet speed should be at least 2 Mbps. Test your internet speed before streaming your class.

Customize your Education Content

Teaching in traditional classrooms is way different from virtual ones. A user-engaging presentation is vital during a live online class. In addition, it is very important to remain confident because your attitude inculcates enthusiasm among the students. Video lessons are more engaging and promote collaborative learning.

Start Live Classroom Stream

Once you are done with all the above points, it is time to live-stream your class. Remember the following points while streaming your class:

  • Be loud, clear, and slow
  • Allow the students to ask questions during the class
  • Keep checking interactions in chats
  • Have a plain background
  • Make sure that your devices are charged completely
  • Check your devices a day before the class

Live streaming is one of the effective ways of teaching from the comfort of your home. The better the streaming, the more students you attract. Following the above-mentioned tips might help the educators stream their classes without any issues.


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