Increasing Trends of Online Education during Pandemic

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 18 January 2021

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Trends of Online Education

We are all aware of the COVID-19 pandemic that took over the entire world. Everyone was compelled to stay indoors with the virus outbreak. Educational institutions were shut, markets were closed, people were panic-stricken. The students too suffered a heavy loss due to this pandemic. No schools mean no studies. This was the time when the institutions decided to provide online education to the students. Increasing trends of online education affected students and teachers also in a better way.

With the increasing trends of online education during pandemics, the edtech companies have seen an enormous increase in their profits. EdTech platforms have witnessed millions of new users during this period. Even the startups made enormous profits. They focussed more on personalized learning to make learning more interactive and engaging. The reason why online education was a great help during those times is explained here.

Reasons for Increase in Trends of Online Education during Pandemic

People switched to online education during pandemics for the following reasons:

Easy Accessibility

Online education has made learning easily accessible to students. They can study wherever and whenever they want. All they require is a proper internet connection.


It gave the students a break from the usual textbook learning process. There are no strict timetables and schedules. The students can study at their own pace. The online lessons can also be recorded. The students can study whenever they feel like and get back to the lectures in times of any doubt.

A Helpful Resource

The teachers can pay equal attention to each student. The students who are hesitant to ask questions in class can ask personally during online classes. They can clarify their doubts in real-time.

Trends of Online Education includes Time Saving

The time spent commuting from home to institutions is saved. Also during COVID times, the students could study from the comfort of their homes without being exposed to the disease.

Self Improvement

Online education gives students a chance for self-improvement. They can refer to the online study materials in case of any doubt. Thus they can improve on their weak areas on their own.

Online learning during COVID-19 had the same benefits as it has otherwise. The additional advantage was that the students could even appear for the examinations from home. The online testing systems helped the teachers to prepare online tests for the students. It made study very convenient during the pandemic. The educational institutions did not suffer major losses. It has increased the retention power of the students upto 25-60%. The virtual medium can be a great success for long-term studies.

Online learning had been termed as the panacea during this crisis. The online learning trends had increased dramatically within a year. It has given way to personalization and experiential learning. Modern learning systems help the students stand out from the crowd and attain success in every field. It provides a clear picture of the concepts and helps the students understand better. Online education would be the perfect solution to any crisis in the near future.



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