How to Ace the Boards Examination Using Technology?

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 18 January 2021


Boards Examination Using Technology

The board examinations for classes 10th and 12th are knocking at the doors. The previous year had been a crucial one. With the pandemic outbreak, it became difficult for the students to attend the classes. It completely disturbed the academic session of the students. Technology was, however, like a port in the storm. So here is the chance of attending boards examination using technology.

The word “boards” has been terrifying the students since ages. However, it only requires proper guidance and immense practice to ace the boards examinations. We shall discuss a few tips and tricks that will help the students get through all the exams in flying colors using technology.

Tips to Ace the Boards Examination Using Technology

Here are a few tech-based tips that can help to relieve some stress among the students who are about to appear for their board exams.

Set your time-table

The students should set a timetable of their own. This is the most organized way to prepare for the examinations. They should decide what to study when. Thus, they can give more time to the subjects they are weak at. You can also set a reminder on your mobile phones to remind you of the time and subject to study.

Practice the Previous Year’s Question Papers

Practicing the past 10 years’ question papers is the best thing to do. The questions are repeated quite often. The students are advised to practice more questions to prepare better.

Also, the mock test papers and sample papers are a great help. The students can practice the questions and know their weak areas where they need to work more.

All these are available online and can be downloaded easily.

Refer to the Online Study Material

The online study materials are short and crisp. The content provided is easy to understand. Since the students cannot go through the entire book a month before the examinations, they can refer to these study materials for a quick revision.

Take Online Tests

Various EdTech platforms have launched online testing apps that are a great help to the students during revisions. The pattern of the questions is exactly the same as that in the board exams. The students are required to answer the questions within the given time limit. The result is also displayed as soon the exam gets over. Thus the students can know their conceptual shortcomings and work on them.

Watch Informative Videos

We all know that when we watch something, we understand it better. Also, it is easy to retain the concepts when you can visualize them. Watching the syllabus related videos during the exams makes the concepts clearer to such an extent that it gets embedded in your brains for a lifetime.

The online audios are also a great help. The audio lessons are provided in an easy-to-understand language. This allows for a quick revision.

The students can also refer to the recorded online sessions from the live online classes they attended.

Mobile Apps for the Examination

There are various mobile applications that carry certain easy tricks to solve the questions during the examinations. For eg., the Maths Tricks App contains all the tricks and stepwise simple methods to solve the mathematical problems.

So you see, technology is also a boon for the students. It can not only be used for recreation purposes but can also be used to prepare for the exams. It is just that one should know the right use of technology.


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