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Anubudh’s live class platform enables you to launch your own business by selling your courses from your own branded application through our online teaching software. Create online courses, offer coaching services, conduct webinars, hold live online sessions, and much more with a single platform that offers everything you need to start and run an online coaching business. 

The virtual classroom software provides educators with powerful teaching tools and engages learners with an array of intuitive features. The application can run on both Android and iOS devices, and it is 100 % secure and easy to use.

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Anubudh live class app manages multiple coaching centers in multiple locations with an integrated ERP solution. Boost performance with data-driven outcomes and manage every aspect of your online coaching business. Moreover, the app offers teachers unlimited live video classes with no time limit to engage in live classes from anywhere with any smart device anytime. 


Live Classes Platform enables teachers to:

  • Conduct live classes and record them
  • Teach effectively with whiteboards and screen-sharing
  • Deliver recorded lectures, notes, and study materials
  • Conduct polls during live classes for students
  • Engage students in conversation
  • Send out reminders, assignments, and MCQ tests
  • Automated attendance reports
  • Manage multiple batches and coaching centers

Benefits of Live Class App

The Anubudh online live class platform is a teaching app that offers live online teaching, student class management, and coaching management. The platform enables teachers to teach online from home, anywhere globally. Online live interactive classes can be set up in just a few minutes through this platform. The online teaching app for teachers is designed with intuitive features to:

  • Enable students to study in their comfort zones.
  • Simplify long-distance learning.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among the students of different schools and geographical locations.
  • Develops rationalizing power and creative thinking in the students
  • Makes things easier for learners to understand as they can visualize what they are studying.
  • Time-saving and affordable.
  • Easily accessible across the globe

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How does Live Classes Platform Works:

Our online live class platform is a comprehensive teaching and learning solution. Teachers can simplify their jobs using this platform by eliminating all the hassles associated with online teaching. We provide the best platform for online teaching as it allows teachers to do everything with just one app and without a costly set-up or installation fee. Thus, it saves both time and money.

Here is how Anubudh’s live classes platform works:

  • Teachers conduct live online classes via their mobile devices using virtual classroom technology
  • Teachers create learning experiences by using interactive classroom features.
  • Different assessment features, such as quizzes, open-ended questions, polls, drawing tools, etc., allow teachers to give immediate feedback.
  • Teachers can use engaging features like a whiteboard, video playing, notes, etc., to deliver engaging lessons.
  • Teachers can automate administrative tasks like attendance, fee collection, and record-keeping on the application. 


  • Dashboards for all stakeholders to optimize functionality.

Features of Live Classes Platform

We created virtual classroom software to transform teaching and make learning more accessible- one class at a time. 

Live Classes 

Record multiple online live classes within seconds. 

Video Lectures 

Easily deliver video lectures by uploading unlimited lectures in a proper format. 

Online Assessments 

Build an online test by scanning a physical question paper and uploading it on the platform to assign auto-correcting tests to your students.

Smart Attendance 

Track student attendance, track absence, and alert parents and school administration.

Fee Management  

Portal for managing fee collections, reporting, and monitoring payments and nonpayments

Student Reports 

Manage students’ reports easily and efficiently with automated calculations, detailed learning charts, and complete report cards.

Study Material  

Upload unlimited study materials and content to assist students in learning through virtual class platform.

Daily Notices

Send daily and important notices to students to pass on important information.

Class Management  

Manage every aspect of class management with the best online classroom platforms instead of doing it manually every day.

Online Live Classes App - Anubudh

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"We were looking for an online testing platform for our organization and happened to come across Anubudh. Their online assessment software made it easier for us to recruit in bulk in no time. The instant result and feedback feature allayed the nuisance associated with the analysis. I am really satisfied with their lineup of products and services, and would highly recommend this."

Mr. Dhruv Dubey

GM HR at Spencer's retail

"We are really overwhelmed with the services provided by Anubudh. We were looking for an online testing platform which can create not just MCQ's, but also fill ups and reasoning based questions for our recruitment tests. The developers here paid heed to our requirements and provided us with the best online assessment platform."

Mr. Sumit Goyal

Founder & CEO

"Anubudh - Monday Morning helped us conduct online Testing events for multiple students at once for our fresher's recruitment program. The candidates were able to take the test from the comfort of their homes since we are working from home due to the pandemic slowdown. Moreover the candidate proctoring software gave us vital insights in case of any foul play during the test, thereby maintaining the sanctity of the online assessment. We got great support from the team at Anubudh."

Suresh Chhajed

Co-Founder & Director

Frequenty asked questions (FAQ’s)

Using our Online Live Class Platform, you can share lectures, courses, and other educational materials with students online, which they can access at their convenience.

Our online teaching platform for teachers is designed to be simple, easy to use, and yet effective. You can start teaching online in just a few simple steps:

  • Step 1- Sign up on the application as a Teacher and Create your first virtual classroom
  • Step 2-  Add students to your course by sharing your classroom unique ID. 
  • Step 3 – Conduct unlimited live classes, share course material, manage fees, conduct assessments, and much more.

Students can learn through Live classes or recorded lessons for their courses. Plus, they can appear for tests and assessments on the Live class app itself.

Our live class app is for a wide range of educational establishments like start-ups, established educational centers, or individual running coaching and tuitions. Each one of you can go live through the live class app and get recognized. Students can access your study material at any time and from anywhere. You can also record these live sessions for later reference.

With online live classes app, teachers can teach online right away and build their teaching brand. This tool is handy for any teacher who wishes to teach online classes, record classes, share screen-shares, and manage timetables. Also, fee management and assessment tools are integrated into the app.

Yes, this is the best platform for live online classes that can be accessed through mobile devices powered by both Android and iOS.

Our in-house experts assist our coaching institute partners in growing their business digitally by providing them with customized solutions to manage all aspects of the business.