4 Things to look for in your coding assessment tool

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 28 April 2022

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4 Things to look for in your coding assessment tool

Today’s recruiters understand the importance of technology to streamline their hiring processes which suits their remote or hybrid working models. More and more firms are embracing online tools to analyse a candidate’s technical and soft-skill abilities through virtual coding assessment tools or online coding interview tools. These types of tests are an HR asset while hiring software engineers, technical employees for the SaaS industry, and more.

While a growing number of tech interview tools claim to facilitate interviews at every stage of the hiring process, it may be a tall order. Hence, be mindful of these important features while adopting a coding assessment tool

1. Supports remote proctoring
It is impossible to monitor candidates during the examinations while recruiting remotely. This is where automation takes over. The power of artificial intelligence is used in automated proctor settings to assure exam integrity and safety without compromising the candidate’s privacy. You can also use video features to proctor the tests manually.

2. Supports testing for multiple coding job roles
The online coding interview tool must be able to test candidates for both frontend and backend developer roles. So, adopt a coding assessment tool that includes an online question bank covering various programming languages and frameworks. Also, the platform should support modern as well as traditional coding skills for diverse coding job roles.

3. Easy integration with existing ATS
An Application Tracking System (ATS) is a centralised database of candidate information that keeps track of resumes and saves all applications received, even if they are not hired. Look for a coding test platform that connects seamlessly with your applicant tracking system and allows you to screen applicants using filters.

4. Facilities dashboard with detailed performance reports
Look for online coding interview solutions that provide detailed statistics and insights into candidates’ abilities with summarised, auto-generated performance reports. Top performers can be identified quickly and screened further based on work experience and other relevant characteristics. Due to the dashboard, your team and you can make data-driven decisions based on candidate performance information.

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