ai apps for education

AI Driven EdTech Platforms

Anubudh offers a plethora of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for education to improve and automate the online learning experience. The edTech platform is a master at creating innovative ways of teaching and supporting students that include leveraging AI as a teaching and learning tool. Artificial intelligence can assist in creating custom-tailored learning programs for students, utilize natural language processing to assist in learning a new language, simplify administrative tasks such as grading, and much more. The algorithms can be used to identify what topics students find interesting or vice versa, ensuring tailored learning to each student.

Different AI solutions for teaching and learning

Anubudh provides AI solutions for education to improve and personalize the learning experience. The AI solutions are created for the following segments:

AI in Early Learning Programme

Anubudh’s Early-Learning project offers interactive classroom technology tools for kindergarten and preschool classrooms. Our game-based learning solution helps schools digitize their curriculum with fun animation, graphics, and interactive tools. It is based on adaptive learning principles to help kids learn new concepts and retain them according to their level.

With the use of our AI-powered app and web version, you could:

  •     Digitize curriculum with animation, graphics, and text
  •     Improve your results by teaching in multiple languages
  •     Access content Online, as well as Offline
  •     Content design for progressive development
  •     Instant feedback to the teacher about the students’ performance.
  •     Compatible with web, iOS and Android

AI in K-12 Education

This AI-based learning platform for K-12 is designed to make online learning engaging for learners and empower teachers with powerful educational technology tools for teachers. The content is digitized with game-based learning solutions to offer an engaging and interactive learning experience. The lessons are designed with simple things and gradually increase the level of complexity to challenge students and achieve higher learning outcomes.

AI in Online Examinations and Proctoring

Anubudh Monday Morning proctoring software enables companies and educational institutions to conduct successful remotely proctored tests while restricting any suspicious behavior or activities on the part of the examinee. This AI solution for education assessment and recruitment can be used to:

  •     Manage your testing, assessment, and certification operations with our AI-based proctoring solution.
  •     Ensure data security and privacy of test tasker.
  •     The integrity of exams is ensured through multiple layers of authentication and fraud detection, watermarking.
  •     Provide accessibility to test takers with our learner-centric design.
  •     Integrate with test engines and LMSs with our plug-and-play capabilities.

Benefits of AI-driven platform in Education

AI has significantly impacted virtually every industry, and the education sector is no exception! Digital tools for teaching not only enhances the capacity of institutions and teachers’ abilities but also revolutionizes the learning process for students. As per the leading research website, ‘Market Research Engine’, the AI market in the education sector will reach $5.80 billion by 2025, growing 45% annually.

AI has brought about changes in the education industry including:

Task Automation

Learning management systems incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to grade tests and manage administrative tasks like managing attendance, tracking reports, & delivering content. This saves a substantial amount of time for educators to focus more on tailoring their curriculum to individual students’ needs and less on busy work.

Personalized Learning

All students are unique and approach learning very differently. Instructors cannot always personalize their teaching strategies for an entire class, AI app for education can be of great help. It can adjust to each student’s knowledge level, pace, and desired goals to make sure they get the most out of their education. AI-enabled solutions can also analyze students’ past learning histories, identify weaknesses, and suggest course correction activities.

Smart Grading

In smart grading, students upload their assignments to the platform, and the platform sorts and groups answers and assign grades. AI tools for education reduces the time teachers spend grading by a great deal and provides detailed student performance analytics.

Inclusive Learning Environment

Through AI, students can access course readings on different devices from anywhere, on a variety of platforms. Edtech platform can leverage AI to reduce barriers in learning by making information equally accessible to all learners by presenting the same content in varying formats.

Chatbot as a learning assistant

Perhaps the biggest limitation of offline learning is that an educator can’t be there for each student. However, AI-based learning platforms can employ chatbots that can fill this gap. The bots assist students and make recommendations based on their queries and learning level.

Accessibility of study material in understandable terms

Language has consistently been a boundary, particularly for students from rural areas. Sometimes, the vast syllabus of competitive tests makes things hard for a student to comprehend. The use of artificial intelligence can address both the issues; make the study material more understandable and accessible for students in the language they prefer.

Limitless information

Learning materials and information should be accessible for any aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams. AI based learning platform opens an entryway to a limitless wellspring of data. Aspirants can now take different tests, download question papers from past tests, discuss with peers, and substantially more from the comfort of their homes

AI Technology Helps in Improvement of Courses

Artificial intelligence technology helps in eradicating the gaps in their lectures and courses. When a large number of students submit the wrong answers, the system sends a customized message to other students with hints of the correct answer and prevents them from repeating the same mistake. For eg., Coursera.

AI Technology Gives Instant Feedback

Most of the online apps offer instant feedback to the teachers about the students’ performance. This helps the teachers understand the areas of improvement and instruct the students accordingly. A few AI programs are developing systems that can help the students to choose the major subjects based on the area of their expertise. No external advice will be required and this can be considered beneficial for the future of the students.

Makes Trial and Error Learning Less Scary

AI in Education technology helps the students to experiment with their learning in a judgment-free environment, which also prevents the degradation of their confidence as well. It also provides instant feedback and instructions for improvement. Thus we see how artificial intelligence is changing the education system. Using AI technology students can access the study material from anywhere in the world. It has enhanced the basic skills of the students and has replaced the role of teachers in some instances. Artificial intelligence is believed to grow in the years to come and so will the education sector.