Online Education – Need of the hour for rural India

by Vineith Kaul, Posted on 29 March 2022


Online Education – Need of the hour for rural India

During the pandemic, urban schools across the nation steadily shifted to online solutions for school management and cloud-based teaching aids and tools. However, this technology adoption didn’t find much ground in rural school settings. According to the latest report by ASER (a leading organization conducting surveys, assessments, evaluations, and research activities in the education sector), only 28% of rural kids studied regularly during lockdowns, while 37% didn’t study at all. 

Rural Indian education has been plagued by poor infrastructure, lack of qualified teachers and staff members, lack of access to basic technologies, gender inequality, girls’ safety issues, etc. The school dropout rate has gone down in recent years but is still prevalent; even higher among girls as compared to boys. Also, owing to financial problems, many parents do not want their kids to attend educational institutions. Instead, they would engage kids in jobs that could increase their family’s earnings, thus reducing school attendance and increasing the dropout rate. This is where online education can play a vital part and level the field of education. 

Online education can help to:

  • Access quality education and content from the comfort of home 
  • Reduce dependency on classroom teaching
  • Study at own pace and competency 
  • Reduce migration from rural to urban 
  • Access higher education 
  • Increase education opportunities for girl child 

Smart devices and data networks have become more affordable in recent years. As a result, people have been able to purchase smart devices and data at lower prices, giving them greater access to modern technologies and information. This has slowly led the Edtech platform to seep into rural areas and create new opportunities. By creating interactive online platforms for learning and customized digital courses packages for rural learners, the edtech sector is addressing a variety of obstacles and creating an inclusive educational environment in the country. Children from rural India can be empowered with quality education, thus escaping the clutches of poverty and leading a productive and dignified life. 

As a member of this sector, Anubudh is committed to bringing digital education to even the most remote parts of the country. Let us know in the comment section below if you know a public school that needs technical support for its classroom.


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